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Providing Training, Coaching, and Consulting for Performance Improvement

 What are the most important skills for a successful business?
Interpersonal communication skills are ranked as the number one predictor of business success. Improvements in both written and verbal communication skills can lead to business success.
Does it feel like talking to a brick wall when you talk to your manager?  How well are your employees communicating with each other?  Is your company getting your message across to its clients and customers?               

What are some of your key frustrations?
    Making assumptions about what the other person knows    
    Too busy to make sure there is understanding
    Not enough time to clarify commitments
    Poor communication between employees and management
    Too much time spent re-explaining instructions
    Not enough time to improve business relationships
    No delegation–everything stays at the top
    Talking to people who just don't get it

Kendrick Resources can show you a few simple steps that will quickly take your company from its current state to an effective organization that consistently provides your customers with the great results they expect.  We do this by focusing on the core elements of excellent communication--active listening, communication styles, conflict management, reaching agreement, and a few easy ways to get a response back. We focus on the "Language of Business and How to Make Words Work."
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It's great.   It's like I have blind spots and you pulled things in focus.
The check is in the mail. I know that is not the best way of saying that, but it really is.
Thanks again,
David Kwesell
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Kendrick Resources LLC provides the following services to improve both verbal and written communication skills for  businesses and individuals.  Our mission is to help you and your employees give your customers the best experience possible. Our goal is to increase your productivity, reduce costs, and increase satisfaction by improving all aspects of your communication skills. We utilize best practices to select the perfect program to meet your unique needs.

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        Communication Styles
        Performance Development
        Accountability Partnerships

    Training Courses/Workshops

 Powerful Professional Communications
 Credible E-mail
 Confident Management Skills
 Effective Business Writing
 Resume Writing for Results

        Team Building
        Managing Time and Priorities
        Customer Service
        Conflict Management

    Keynote Speaking
      The Language of Business
      AdaptingYour Communication Style
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