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Valerie Kendrick is a seasoned speaker and training consultant specializing in communications training, organizational development, and business skills improvement.  Her focus for the last several years has been on helping corporations and individuals communicate more effectively by improving both their verbal and written skills.  Valerie has delivered close to 2000 programs in the last decade to share the tools and techniques that improve business communications. She has worked with financial institutions, major manufacturers, and many city, state, and federal government agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Valerie Kendrick has learned in her 22 years in corporate management that asking good questions and not making assumptions were key to stopping communication mishaps.  That’s why she started working with businesses and individuals in the USA, Europe and Central Asia as a management consultant and certified trainer for several multi-national corporations and privately held businesses, including Vodafone, Solvay, Deloitte, and Caratube Oil.

Valerie has a knack for very quickly “sizing-up” the situation and determining the best solutions to meet needs, develop synergies, and build trust.  She brings an ethical perspective that relies on honest communications between all levels within an organization.

My training tools include individualized course design, the latest in adult learning theory, coaching, goal setting, and communication building exercises.  I utilize both traditional and non-traditional methods including instructor led and virtual training to improve skills performance when working with groups, businesses, and entrepreneurs. I am certified using web based tools and CRM tools.


 Please let me know how I can be of service to your organization.

Valerie Kendrick

What People are Saying about Valerie
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"The seminar was outstanding, very dynamic, and included useful resource material I can apply immediately.  Valerie has excellent presentation skills."
L. Johnson

"Valerie did an excellent job instructing us and providing the necessary and proper tools to communicate successfully in any situation."
S. Strauss
Test Environment Coordinator

"I enjoyed the seminar a lot.  Valerie made it fun and she made us feel comfortable by explaining everything so that it was easy to understand."
M. Luera
Payroll Specialist

Wow!  It was great the way you
 showed us how we can really mess
up the English language.  I’ll be
much more prepared to just get to
the point in my business letters.”

            D. Wallken, Manager

            B & B Systems


Thank you for anticipating our questions and providing such useful tools in your workbook.”

      L. Myers, Accounting Mgr.

            AAA Colorado


“Your style is engaging and you encourage participation.  You used several different techniques that I enjoyed.”

            J. Miller, RSA Trainer

            AAA Colorado


“I’ve never laughed so hard.  We sure can make a mess of our language when we don’t know the basic rules.  I’ll never use those $25 dollar words again.

            J. Tamblin, Supervisor

            B & B Systems

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Valerie has spent time in both Europe and Central Asia as a management consultant and professional trainer for several multi-national corporations and privately held businesses, including Vodafone, Solvay, Deloitte, and Caratube Oil.  She has conducted training seminars on communications skills for many large corporations including AAA Colorado, the Federal Prison System, Capital One, ING, and Clorox.
Her toolbox includes assessments and evaluations, and her training tools such as individualized course design, coaching, mentoring, job shadowing and team building programs.  She utilizes both traditional and non-traditional methods to improve performance.

Valerie received her MBA in Market Strategy from Regis University in Denver, Colorado and her BA in Psychology and English Education from the University of Northern Colorado.  She frequently speaks at local associations and organizations within the Rocky Mountain region.  She is an active board member and Chair for the Communication Committee of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD RMC) and a certified training facilitator(CTF). She also contributes regularly to several newsletters including Melissa Data DM, MBM, and Stellar Connections, a professional women’s organization. She  frequently volunteers for several Denver area non-profit organizations.

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