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Other Topics

 Ultimate Customer Service

Are you losing customers to those "other guys"?  Have you been wondering how to let your customers know how important they really are?  Customer Service is all about communication skills.  Let me show you some tips to make your customers feel valued. I will also provide you with the techniques to reframe all of your conversations so your customers know what you can do, do know,  the choices you offer.  Let's work together to take your customer service skills to the Ultimate level!


"Leadership is a function of knowing yourself, having a vision that is well communicated, building trust among colleagues, and taking effective action to realize your own leadership potential."
          -Warren Bennis

The Leadership Seminar provides the participants with increased ability to communicate ideas, goals, and vision. It helps remove old personality-based leadership habits.  It gives new leaders the ability to instill in people the belief that their ideas matter, their work is important, and their voices will be heard.  Above all the participants will learn how to lead with integrity and create self-motivated employees.

Managing Time and Priorities

This seminar takes the participants on a journey of planning, prioritizing, and preventing procrastination.  Participants will learn techniques for organizing their work, setting priorities, tackling To-Do lists, and eliminating interruptions.  They will also learn to set criteria for delegating tasks and how to establish deadlines.

Team Building

The Team Building course will show you and your managers how to utilize individual interests and needs to benefit the entire team effort and create dynamic, high-performance teams.  Most managers and supervisors understand the need for a team purpose and planning, but have difficulty effectively communicating team vision and using team goals that motivate both individual team members and the team as a whole. Our session works through team roles, common goals, effective communication, and motivation techniques that lead to the creation of high performance teams.  We'll give you the techniques to discover each team member's strengths and use those to everyone's benefit.

What's keeping you from being your best?  Would a refresher on verbal and written communication skills enhance your performance at work?

Take a look below to see how we can help!

    Training Courses/Workshops

       Powerful, Professional Communications

To be an effective communicator and to have your message understood you must be aware of the four dominant styles of communication.  This one or two day seminar will help you to be an effective communicator and get your message understood.   Using interactive exercises you will learn the four dominant styles of communication, and simple scripts for appealing to each style.  This training focuses on building the credibility of the sender, the effectiveness of the message, the different channels available, the role of the recipient, and the importance of feedback. Don't allow poor communication skills to slow the progress of your success! 

Credible E-mail:

Ten Techniques to Ensure your E-mails are Effective, Effortless, and Error-free


In this half-day workshop you will learn how to write e-mail messages that are grammatically correct, concise, and to the point. More importantly, you will write e-mails that get the receiver to open your e-mail, understand your message and take the action you intended.  You will learn how to avoid the most common mistakes that can get you and your company into serious legal predicaments.  You will also learn the best techniques for deciding when to be formal or informal in your e-mails, and what message that may be sending to the receiver.  Finally you will understand the proper use of the “To,” “CC,” and “BCC” address lines and how to eliminate the errors before hitting the “Send” button.

        Effective Business Writing
It's not your Grandma's Grammar Anymore!

This one day course will show participants how to go from an idea to a finished document.  Learn the building blocks that simplify writing and lead you to a more direct understandable style. Get the action and results you want by writing persuasive documents.  Enjoy a grammar refresher to help you overcome those common mistakes we all make with word choice, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure.   You'll understand how to eliminate unnecessary words and choose a  powerful vocabulary.  We'll reveal the secrets to help you tap into personality styles and get your readers to take action.   Become a graduate of the Good Grammar Institute!

Keynote Speaking


“The Language of Business:  How to Make Words Work"

Valerie Kendrick will introduce you to the 3 most common enemies of today’s business writing:

?The Mangler--uses poor grammar and leaves modifiers dangling

?The Pontificator--goes on and on without getting to the point

?The Professor--uses outdated $25 words and impressive phrases


Learn about the 3 most dangerous characters who take over your mind when you start writing your business documents.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll see yourself in the examples.  More importantly, you’ll get the keys to making sure your message is understood.

Adapting Your Communication Style

Do you every feel like you are just "butting heads" with everyone else in your office?  Does it seem like no matter how many times you try to explain things--they just don't get it?  Have you sent someone an email just to have them send you back more questions?

To be the most effective in your dealings with others, you need to not only be aware of your own communication style but also with the styles of those around you who need to get your message  Find the simple ways to improve your rapport and have others take the actions you intended.  Quickly recognize the cues given by those around you and make it easy for them to listen to you. Discover proven techniques to get through to even the most difficult people.
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